Gamer Dad and Son

First, let me just say that I love my dad. He worked so hard for my brother and I. We always went on family vacations. He made sure that we were able to play on any sports team we wanted and he was a big part of our Cub Scout pack. In fact, he was our Cub Scout Pack Master. My dad was always there for us. I was so lucky to have him in my life. I wish though he would have been interested in the two things that were really important to me at that time. See, I was like a lot of little boys in the 80s. I loved two things, pro-wrestling and video games. My dad…was old school. He didn’t get either one. He thought wrestling was “FAKE” and would never take me to a WWF (Now WWE) show. I could never get him to sit down and play Super Mario Brothers with me. Like I said, he was a great dad but it would have been awesome if he said, “Hey do you want to go to WrestleMania this year?”

Now that I am a dad, I want to be just as good if not better at this job than my own day. My son is 7 now and he is starting to like certain things. Like his Daddy, he likes playing his favorite video game. I let him play Disney Infinity. It’s a game that really encourages creativity. He builds worlds and different characters. It’s really neat. On top of that, it incorporates Marvel, Disney and Star Wars characters into the gameplay which is awesome. Now my son LOVES Star Wars. We are excited to see Rogue One this December. Oh I forgot to mention, I LOVE Star Wars.

My son has been watching this YouTube show where a father and son sit and play video games. They record themselves and put the videos on YouTube. The concept doesn’t sound like it would get a ton of views, but it does. Kids like watching other kids playing games. I thought this was cool because it was a dad doing something neat with his son. Not just playing video game (which is AWESOME) but making a YouTube show with his son as well. When my son said “Dad, can we make a show like this?” you know I said “yes!”

We are currently working on putting together a show for YouTube. We are picking out a name, a theme song and deciding which games we will play. I am so glad my son has something unique he likes. If he said he wanted to mountain climb….well, I would have done that too. I am glad it hasn’t come up yet. I hate heights. But this is something awesome we can do together and I can’t wait to show it off to everyone. I am so proud of my little boy. He does great in school and now we have a hobby we can do together. I fell so blessed. He sometimes will sit down with me and watch WWE. I am really hoping he will say, “Hey Dad! Can we go to WrestleMania?” You know what my answer will be. J